This site is a rendition of the developers future vision for The Oasis of Texas.

What drives us


What drives us

We take great pride in offering families a place to re-connect with nature, friends, family and each other, outside of the concrete jungle that most live in. What drives us is providing a truly unique, one-of-a kind weekend home property; unlike anything offered in the real estate market today. Located far enough away to feel like you've gotten away from the city, but close enough to use every weekend. 

What makes the Oasis a unique community

The Oasis offers easy choices of how to enjoy the property with a lot purchase:

  • Bring your RV, 
  • Buy a park model cabin,
  • Build a custom cabin or home, 
  •  Enjoy the amenities for a day drive,
  •  Stay overnight in the RV Park with your RV or 
  • Stay in rental Cabin

One of the main advantages is that our property owners can start enjoying the property immediately; while deciding which option is best for their lot build-out. Build at any time.